Terramara, Preview 4

In this fourth preview for Terramara, we take a look at some of the items that you can build in the game. These items are the main use of resources you gather during the game. They provide you all sorts of benefits at certain points in the game. First let us show you some of the cards that come up near game end, that offer you a lot of victory points!

Each card belongs to one of 4 categories, based on its main resource: plank, stone, hide and bronze. This category icon is depicted on the rightmost side of the frame. In the middle of the frame, the total resource cost for the card is depicted and the left side shows the number of victory points awarded at game end.

Unlike cards shown thus far, most cards have a larger area at the bottom with a specific function and/or bonusses. There are three levels of cards in the game, recognizable by frame. At the start of a game, a stack is created with all level 1 cards on top of the level 2 cards. Level 3 cards are put at the bottom of the stack.

At the start of given rounds, cards of a specific level are removed from the stack or row. This makes sure that later in the game, cards have stronger effects, but they are more expensive as well. Without going into detail for the depicted effects and rewards, we show you from left to right, two cards of each level.

Apart from their victory points at game end, these cards also have an effect that belongs to one of 4 types. Some cards have multiple effects, not necessarily belonging to the same type. The items in Terramara provide the following types of effects:

  • Immediate (lightning bolt)
  • Permanent (infinity symbol)
  • Once per round (moon with arrow)
  • At game end (players around table)

This concludes the preview for today. In the next preview, we will show the character cards and explain some of their functions. The character you select at game start will bring even more variation into the game. By this means, you can vary your play style and try different strategies from game to game.